It's a secret

E+S chrysopolis clue 4
Mum and I seem to be racing at half way through clue 3 - but we're not, it just turns out we're going at about the same pace. I'm v pleased to have hers to show you too, as it shows up very much better than mine in these pics - they're both lovely!

Mum Chrysopolis clue 4

Here's Mum's in more detail - she's mortified that I didn't give her the time to remove the dental floss security line about 1/4 through from the right (though it's almost invisible here, I think) - she hasn't needed one since, and has found that she can read her knititng and see whether all is well without too much difficulty.

Em Chrysopolis clue 4

... And here's mine waving in the breeze!