IK Winter 2007 Preview

It's here.

Some thoughts and favourites. Bear in mind I'm off to Australia in January, which is making me keener on the light-weight stuff overall!

Alicia Tabbard - might look good on tall, boyish physiques, but not on mine!
Refined Aran Jacket - nice enough. I like the saddle shoulder detail. Probably not for me.
Bonbon pullover - don't like the name (shallow, me?) Nice enough, interesting nexk details, but not me.
Brushed Lace Cardigan looks good, but rather feminine for me. Would probably get lots of wear, though.
Selva Skirt - Um, no. Looks ok with the jacket, but bad without IMHO. Though might be better with *more* curves.
Henley Perfected - quite like it. Alpaca would make it pretty warm, but - pretty.
Sweater Girl Pullover - if you call it this, surely the model should have breasts? I think in a very different fit (ie negative ease) *could* qualify as a sweater girl sweater, but I think it'd drive me mad to knit it.
Forbes Forest Pullover - bobbles, schmobbles.
Bubble Cable Dolman - too batwingy for my taste.
Colette Pullover - nearly just said yuck. But look at the extra pics - it's a bit big for the model, which detracts from it. Interesting to have cat faces (I'm *not* a cat person, though) but I like seeing them disappear in the decreases....
Puffed Wheat Pullover - never. too short, too wide in the body for such fitted sleeves. too boring. And a horrible colour! (I know that's not your fault, Kate).
Citrus Yoke Pullover - not really.
Celtic Tote - I like how the contrast yarn is used. like it. Probably won't ever knit it (knitted bags - not so good, most of the time).
Tilting Cable Socks - I think I like them. hard to see with the colour variation.
Ivy League Vest - yum. I like the edging detail, and the different patterns. And so wearable, and fitted. - could fit my wardrobe, I think.
Subway Mittens - aren't these her CharlieCard mittens? Fair enough. Not a very complex pattern, though a good idea. Might work well for peeps in London with their Oystercards, except it's not often cold enough outside, and once you're on the tube - there's a great stripping off required, it's so warm!
Kilm Gloves - nice enough. Not my colours, and it would rarely be cold enough here for such fairly bulky gloves (and if it were, I'd wear mittens). Could look great, though.
Logan River Wrap - Hmm. Not very exciting.
El Sol Pullover - too big for her? Doing that dreaded droop around the armpits - I think a good hoick up would help - like Brenda spoke of recently, pulling back tyhe yoke of something and making it *much shorter*!
Farrow Rib Cardigan - just *not* my cup of tea at all.
Ruched Shell - now this I like! (Though I've never understood this 'shell' word in this contacxt. something from the beach, in my book). Alpaca might be rather hot for a sleeveless pullover, but something could be Worked Out, methinks. I'd like to make it.
Gathered Pullover - love it! Really like the slightly unfinished, shrunken favourite teeshirt look it has, and the flattering detail. Yup, I'd like to make this.
Rosemary's Swing Jacket - quite nice. I'd like to see it undone, as I rarely wear things done up around the neck. how would it hang? The gleam of the silk is well shown.
Jess’s Gansey: The Gutter Gansey Revisited - I'm intrigued, but don't really like it. Interested by the history, but the actual garment not my scene, I think. Too girlified, I like the gansey/Guernsey better in its native style ( saddle shoulders, dense knitting, fitted shape anyone?) and habitat. And I *really* don't like this model in any of her pics.

So there you have it. Not that I'm opinionated!