Organising the knitting (and the life)

So, we're in the throws of sorting out our lives for the move to Australia (which C has just informed me is 9 1/12 weeks away. Gulp!) One thing I want to sort is my knitting - we're going to ship a bit of stuff (some books and yarn and kites and so on) and have big cases to take with us too. My needles have lived in a drawer in rather a tangled mess (due in large part to my preference for circs) , and this seemed an impractical way to transport them!

Nona talked about her Ashland Sky "Stick Sacks", and they seemed a good plan! I looked for the links to UK suppliers - and KCG Trading carry the full range - but KnitnCaboodle sell easily online - and had most of the ones I wanted with a limited edition edging hand-dyed by the Twisted Sisters - so of course I went for those! And very efficient they are too.
Needle Stick Sacks open

Here they are opened out, so you can see the 'Ocean' and 'Fire' colourways, and how much space there is in the circs pack (enough for at least 20 needles), the short dpn sack (14 sets) and the long dpn sack (also 14 sets).

And packed up neat for travel!

Needle Stick Sacks closed