More Sally Bowles...

So I went to my cousin Daniel's lovely wedding on Saturday, and wore my hat.

As expected it was a stylish do (the bride wore a halter-necked red dress, with LOTS of petticoats, and had red roses in her hair; the adult bridesmaid wore black with red petticoats and the 2 younger ones black with white spots! Daniel looked good, too). The ceremony was in a beautiful Council chamber in London.

Anyway, my bowler was much admired, and people were very surprised that i had knocked it up myself. It was comfortable to wear too, despite being filled with bubble wrap in order to keep it's shape! Folded up in my handbag nicely for the train home. BTW, I sewed narrow ribbon in around the brim with a sideways backstitch every 2cm or so, so as to have something for my hairgrips to grip, and this worked well, though it was a two person job in the loos of a bar nearby the town hall!