More Mystery stole

Well, I managed to finish clue 2 at lunchtime today, so only an hour or so after the third clue was posted. I'm really enjoying it, and not finding it too hard so far - someone's idea of writing the number of plain knit stitches in each batch of them in the right-most square of said batch is working very well for me - keeps me on target, and aware if I'm not as it doesn't all fit. Here's a couple of details - is that a stagbeetle to the left? And the start of honeycomb underneath - with a writhing edging?

My first ball of this Ultra by Jamieson's (about 188yds, I think, in 25g) has lasted j-u-s-t past the end of Clue two - should help me know later on if my 5 balls will mean a full length shawl or a shorter one!