Tour de France...

This is BIG in our household - Clare's a mad cyclist, competing in 100mile cyclosportives around the UK (most recent: Devin - in diabolical rain) as well as 10 mile trials locally. So I was intrigued when I found there is a Tour de France KAL. Here's an amusing video of the Aussie contender in the dodgy shorts competition (aka the real T de F).

***ETA: JoVE has commented about the Tour de Fleece which she came across on Knitterguy Ted's blog - it looks like a great spinning challenge (for those of you who already partake of such things - I haven't *yet*).*** (might come up on a separate posting)

I don't think I'll join, but watch from the sideline - I am planning to do the Mystery Stole 3 from Pinklemontwist's Melanie. There have been 2 previous shawls, Leda's Dream and Scheherazade - I gather Melanie picks a theme and designs to that. So far the clues are that it would be most appropriately knit in black or white, and NOT an appropriate wedding stole. Intriguing!

I've ordered Shaela, a charcoaly grey in Ultra Shetland/lambswool yarn from Jamieson's,
which I hope will work with either my 3.5mm or 3.25mm Addi lace needles. Can't wait to get the yarn and start! I don't think I'm going to use beads, as I usually find they irritate me in a finished garment.

Sign-ups finish on Friday 6th July.