40 - and Australia!

I've just lost a long post. So this will be a bit minimal.

A great 'cabaret' themed party for my 40th - I'm the blurred one, the second shoes from the left, and yes, we do have that wallpaper behind the delicious canapes!

Onto knitting - finished the I do shrug - and here's a pic of it with my corset. Better on than lying flat - I'll get a pic next Saturday for you.

And a detail of the sleeve:

I went on to write about my appreciation of opinionated knitters - examples being


M-H of http://manainkblog.typepad.com/ (the witty knitter).

I also spoke about agreeing with Alice about triangular shawls (give me rectangular, rhomboid, etc - not sure about round or square - better develop an opinion quick!)

And lastly - (picture courtesy of 'goaustralia' and - would you believe it - Victoria's Secret!)
Yep - C's job in Sydney starting Jan 08 has been confirmed. Twelve months there - and I shall spend it mostly on my City and Guild's knitting course!