The Knitterly Letter Swap the brainchild of the Domesticat . This is just a simple letter exchange - I have been given the name and address of a knitter (in the USA - doesn't give away too much really, does it?) and must write to her by the 16th of April. I will also receive a letter by then - from a different knitter, thus netting myself 2 potential knitting penpals in one fell swoop.

I like this idea - not so much of the 'see how good I can look on your blog'*, but rather a genuine contact, and one for whom I invest the time it takes to write by hand. Theoretically on beautiful writing paper, but I've fluffed that - if I don't do it now, it won't get done in time (it is Good Friday today, so I have a few days off) and I don' have any beautful paper. So I am knititng a tiny sock out of the remains of my jitterbug, which may not be available to my letter recipient, so she can see what it's like.

BTW, here is the 2nd completed sock - much lighter than the other (though from the same skein) but WTF, I don't mind love both. Bright charcoal colourway. And the advice in red on the left - most excellent, specially when an essay is due!
*By which I mean some of the big 'stuff' swaps - I bet they can be fun, but not for me, i think. The dyers swap was totally different! (Honest).