What I'm up to - no pics

I've just posted 'Fat Rant' { or rather - I've tried - it'll probably appear three times on the blog tomorrow, but right now - click the link instead. go on, it's good.}- and recommend you watch it. It's good! I got the link from Mamacate, a cool blogger from my knitlist.

So, what am I up to?

- I'm up to the armpit of the other arm of the cashmere 'I do' shrug (from Knitty, as if you didn't know by now).
- I'm past the heel of the second Colinette sock
- I haven't done any more of Sapna's CTH Pomotamus mitts
- I've done a bit of the Conwy socks

- I've booked my Di Gilpin class at Wonderwool (are you going? Builth Wells Sat and Sun 19th/20th May - I'm going on the Saturday. Sounds great!)

- I've gone to a new Knit group (last Tuesday of the month, Lower Temple St, Birmingham, 6pm) which was fun

- I've got 'Fitted Knits: 25 Projects for the Fashionable Knitter' by Stephanie Japel (mmmmm - not so sure - all pretty big yarn - might make one or two things. Kind of seems to me she found her Shtick and didn't vary it much - and when she has, not so good. Might see if Shelley would like it - you out there Shelley?) in the post.

- also 'The Natural Knitter: How to Choose, Use, and Knit Natural Fibers from Alpaca to Yak ' by Barbara Albright, with which I was more impressed. Pleased to see House of Hemp (Brits! Not North American yarn makers!) got Debbie New, she of the Lace Coracle (in Gathering of Lace) and Unexpected Knitting, a fab book I own. I may unpick the bit of a start I made last summer on a hemp top in bright greeen and make the top she's done with it in there. A lovely book, great resourse. See Carol's great review - this by someone unafraid to diss books.

- I've got 'No Sheep for You' by Knitty's Amy Singer on order from this great little bead shop round the corner doing more and more yarn (she didn't have the other books available form her distributer). Cancelled the Amazon order for her - my bit for the small shop...

- bought some hundertwasser Opal sock yarn (Colourway: Wartende Hauser, or 637A) from her too Hundertwasser was this cool artist/architect/philosopher in Vienna (where my beloved Mutti was from) - he believed in
"Colourfulness, variety and diversity are by all means better than the grey, the average grey" - and how about this, his manifesto regarding "Window Dictatorship and Window Rights":

"According to the prevailing code, however, if window races are mixed, window apartheid is infringed. Everything is there: racial prejudice, racial discrimination, racial policy, racial ideology, racial barriers, with fateful impact of window apartheid on man. The apartheid of window races must cease. For the repetition of identical windows next to each other and above each other as in a grid system is a characteristic of concentration camps. In the new architecture of satellite towns and in new administration buildings, banks, hospitals and schools, the levelling of windows is unbearable."

See why I couldn't not buy it???

- And - I've ordered 2 Rosewood 40" Destiny needles in 3.75mm from the lovely Robynn at Purlescence to complete my Cocoon/Twisted Float Shrug (I'll use these for the bits without the twisted float, as otherwise they are larger in gauge than those with (using 4mm for them)). Mmmm, can't wait - a luxury for a 40 year old (as are all the above).

And Now - now I must tidy my study/knitting room so Voddy and friend have somewhere to sleep after the 'Cabaret' party......