Progress on the knitting..... and I let slip some news

So here's the progress so far on my knitty 'I do' with the Posh Yarn - going well so far, and very soft. Of course it looks like Assbeagle ((c) Rabbitch) unblocked like this.

And here's my Conwy-ish socks - I knit the knit column through the back loop to tighten the rib - knit in Opal I dyed with Voddy last year with evil Koolaid (and the blue is from tissue paper). Quite pleased, and love the pattern (you were quite right, Brenda!) I bought Knitting on The Road, and am very pleased with it, also the Charlene Schurch Sensational book. Loving those socks!

And last (but not least) here is the progress on the Jitterbug socks - one down (but I need to recast off - too loose, would you believe it) and one 3rd of the way through or so. Click for bigger, of course. Think I'll take this as my knitting on Saturday when I see Loraine at BMAG, as it is totally chat-through-able.
So that's where I'm up to! Oh, and I've just spent 30 quid on Amazon on "Fitted Knits", "No Sheep for You", and "Natural Knitter, The: How to Choose, Use, and Knit Natural Fibers from Alpaca to Yak". Well, it was my birthday, and a big one!
I'm thinking the No Sheep one might be particularly useful if we really do move to Sydney for a year in January - looks likely....