WIPs - or, all that's buzzing in my head

So, do you ever wake up early with AMAZING ideas for knitting in your head? And find yourself getting up and starting yet another project? No? Just me then.

WIPs I have vary dramatically in stage. Nearest completion is the Polar 'ski' jumper (Rowan pattern adapted to have a labrys pattern instead of a snowflakey-thing, and knit in the round from the bottom up - well it is a raglan, no?) - just needs the pits sewing up and the ends sewn in. But doesn't suit me (shapeless) so will wait a l o n g time, I suspect. Sorry pic is sideways!

Oh no, nearest completion is the jaywalker socks in celestial merino - done, worn, but haven't woven in the end at the cuff (did them toe up). Do other people find them a great fit on but a fight to get on?

Further from completion is the adapted "Joe" sweater from House of Hemp - I plan to use short rows to fit bust and hips better, make it more flared like Hanne Falkenberg's Mermaid. Can you see the tiny tension swatch I've done (top left)? That's where i've got to so far...

Lots more WIPs, will bring them to you gradually, better get to work now.