Fun weekend - sorry no pics yet

I don't seem to manage very frequent blogging, made more difficult by the fact that I'm pretty sure no-one's reading this, and that's compounded by the fact that I find it difficult to acknowledge it in comments etc on others' blogs as I'm not very impressed by it myself.


C was on nights over the weekend, so I went down to visit my bro and his family. He has a 3 1/2 year old delight, A, who woke me (and the whole house) on Monday morning by standing just outside her room and yelling 'Tantie' (which is her name for me) at the top of her lungs. We ended up watching Robin Hood (Disney) after trying reading, breakfast etc, before J and S got up with 7 month old B. They are both a delight. But I'm SURE I'm not having any! (And no, I won't have a contraceptive error, C is a woman, so I'm pretty safe from that!)

Sunday was spent at the Hertfordshire show, which was fun, watching A bounce on trampolines and throw herself down slides with abandon; J, S and I tried some fantastic wines, and I bought a bottle of Chenas which it seems is a wine a little like a fleurie, a light bright Beaujolais.

This is for the mystery weekend C, her sister Voddy and I are taking their parents on nextw eekend. They are both 60 this year, and also celebratin their 35th wedding anniversary. they have a great big party arranged for later in June, where hopefully C will amaze everyone with her fire poi demo, and many people will become very very drunk. (I am much more used to them now, but when C and I first got together the amazing party drinking was quite a challenge for me, in the sense of having to avoid falling over. Specially as Pa-out-law mixes a fabulous martini, a drink I am particularly partial to.

Anyway, next weekend - we had planned to take them to the Fat Duck, Heston Blumenthal's restaurant in Bucks, voted one of the 2 best in the world, but sadly a tiny place with many people wishing to eat there and a complex system in place. Voddy spent much time on the phone, but they couldn't fit 5 of us (could have done 4) in on either of the weekends we could go. Tant pis.

Instead, we are going to saty at the Michelin-starred St Ervan Manor, near Padstow in Corneywall, a traditional haunt of my outlaws. (Must stop calling them that, since C and I have now done the whole partnership registration thing, and thus should be inlaws. I like the other better!) We plan to have the tasting menus, and they say they can fit around nut allergy (Voddy) and crab allergy (her Mum). Can't wait!

During the day on Saturday we have surprise archery planned (!?!) and a posh picnic........which is where I came in with the Chenas! I hope everyone will enjoy it with their bread, cheese and terrines followed by apricot tart, all from our local French patisserie.

Whoever said Birmingham isn't cosmopolitan?