What's that growing in the tree?

I spent the weekend with Voddy, having more koolaid dye fun now I know who my Dye-o-rama buddy is. She lives somewhere hotter than I do, and also likes intense colours, but NOT green!

So what did we start with - a green/yellow yarn! We found that one of the colours we had made a beautiful deep sagey green, so decided we wanted to make something really autumnal. We did this one with the stovetop method, like the blues and reds of the time before, and it REALLY looked likespinach and plan spaghetti. Mmmm, hungry.

We then tried to do a random splotchy self stripey sort of thing, with a bit wrapped in navy tissue paper, grape , watermelon and cherry koolaid sections. We wrapped it in clingfilm and steamed it for AGES! Here it is in the (out of control) garden with another one in the same colours (aside form the tissue paper) done on the stovetop, and destined for my dye-o-rama mystery buddy (after much deliberation between the two).

I'll show the differences: 1st, the stove-top skein

Then, the cling-film steamed skein 's differences - it has these lovely little splotchy purplish blue areas. However, it also has white bits, and looks definitely a bit more 'experimental' and less deep and saturated in colour - hence the decision to send the other to warmer climes.

Oh, and the greeny skein? Mostly yellow, but lovely!