So, as soon as I had signed up for Dye-o-rama I was off to Wales, to stay in the black and white half timber house, BB, where I have stayed for working (re-roofing etc etc) holidays since I was a baby. And I had Opal undyed sock yarn! And a selection of Koolaid!

I started on the stove - this has ice blue raspbeery, arctic green apple and some others chucked in, and was my first adventure.

My next was to knit a couple of rows (64 stitches, 2mm DPNs) to check out how much yarn for a row. I took that skein and passed it round a chair in the kitchen, through the lobby by the front door, and into the middle room (where C was engrossed in the ImpossiPuzzle) and round a doorknob - 5 or 6 row's-worth of yarn per circuit. I ttied it off, and then spread the yarn
out like the outline of a 3 leafed clover, without the stem (I drew it but couldn't upload, sorry). I wanted red, orange and yellow, and would have got it, but was misled by the picture on the ?Tamarillo packet to think it'd go well with the orange - so I have red, yellow and brown. Anyway, I wrapped it all in clingfilm and bunged it in the microwave. Did it several times for 5 minutes each, and rinsed. By this time the house stank of jelly/sweeties/yuck - and the colours! Do you Americans really put this stuff inside you?

Drying yarn in this house with no heating, in April (chilly) in Wales (damp) was a challenge - but there was success! Started in front of the open fire,then in the morning outside on a windy lawn. Next installment... further dyeing this weekend at homw, and I have the yarn for my pal!