Working outside

So its been ages since our last post. Rather unsuprisingly the decorating hasn't moved much further on, not quite sure why, but I have plans for next weekend, this one being rather filled with another triathlon and then a friends birthday party!

Outside, however things are moving a bit.
We removed the shelving in the bike shed, to find a little bit of damp (or rather a massive leak from the roof all along that side of the outbuildings!?)
damp sheds
After the last week of rain, imagine all of that old original, tie a horse to it, wall wet and add the inside of the sauna area too....luckily we have Scott and Matt, who worked on the house as part of the woodsends team, coming to re-do the roof, remove the flooring, remove shed 5 (I think its 5, might have to check previous shed post), plumb in the washing machine and sink and move some electrics, so the sheds should be watertight and functional in a few weeks time.
rotting sheds
Hopefully no more rotting sheds.

Talking about sheds we have also built a new shed in the swimming pool area (Dolores / Dads name for the small sunken area near our neighbours garden) and will be finishing the demolition of shed 1 after the triathlon and party this weekend!
new shed
old shed
I also tidied up with the spare bulwell stone removed from around the windows when they were extended, and have built a little dry stone wall and wood store area.
dry stone wall and wood pile
And with some help from George and Sue (again!) we have done some gardening and got things a little bit under control.
Herbs and Broadbeans herbs and broadbeans
Outside our bedroom outside the bedroom outside the front tidied front garden and general weeding and pruning weeding by george and sue hidden shed

Also realised we hadn't posted pictures of the fantastic gable end cladding, that makes us feel nautical!
like a boatgable end windowgable end

We are also meeting Gil next week to look at plans for the balcony, hoping to submit them to planning asap and get on with that too.....
We will try to keep you posted!?