some garden stuff

The front garden in toto:
front garden
And the detailed versions: everlasting peas, then buddleia,wallflower, lavenders, passionflower, more lavender, fuchsia, chamomile. The pots have some sedum and a tiny fig cutting. Mmmm.
front leftfront middlefront right
And the elephant ears (bleurrgh, but good ground cover), something purple whose name I've forgotten, and pretty feathery astilbe.
A look up the garden to the shed when we'd just planted out herbs (from Riverford, where we get our veg box).
herbs and broadbeans
That was then - this is now. The shed has become a bus shelter, and the broad beans and herbs have gone BANANAS!
bus shelter

The raspberry crop, and the loganberry survives! (Both cuttings from my Dad):
raspberry croploganberry

And the new little shed. Should we grow a clematis over it? Clare's done a dry-stone-wall next to it to control one of the wood piles.
new shed