We're getting closer.....

So the good news is that we have a builder, and a quote, and minimal stuff we have to put in for planning permission, and are still on good relations with our architect (this always seems to go wrong on Grand Designs - but we've even had dinner at ours!).

The bad news is that the quote is more than we really wanted to spend - but I think we have come to the conclusion that we should go for it (I have the job of talking to the mortgage company next week). We are still deciding about the downstairs flooring - should we go for a recycled glass in resin poured floor, or should we have unfinished concrete for a few years and a slightly smaller bill? I suspect we will go for the whole hog, as it seems daft to completely gut the place, and not actually finish all the structural stuff, but this will mean plaster walls, minimal storage, and racks for clothes for a while.

We are meeting the builder and architect again in 2 weeks - and if we have decided, and the final, final quote hasn't got even higher we will probably say yes, and then the building should get underway beginning of February, dependant on lead time for windows etc. Currently the thought is it will take 5 months - so we might be in for the summer.

Any volunteers to come and help us strip the inside over the next month ready for the builders???