Coachhouse in the snow

I was sent to take pics of the house in the snow after dropping C at the station for a course - nearly froze my fingers off taking them, so blame that for the quality!

coachhouse in snow - front c
The house you can see in the upper right corner is the 'Big House' for which this was the coachhouse and next door was the gatehouse. It's a beautiful, elaborate lateish 19th century house bult by an architect called Sully, very well known in Nottingham at the time. We'll put up a pic sometime.
coachhouse in snow - garden
Looking up the garden in the snow. C's Dad calls that 'Shed 1' of our many sheds - he's calling us the seven shed sheilas. We don't really have quite that many! This one is going to go sometime, as it would be a good spot to sit (we think) and we'll replace it with a small storage shed in the dank dark corner of the garden, and some cold frames where you see that snowy wall right now.
coachhouse in snow - coutryard wall

Spot the missing coping stone! Doesn't this show the beautiful lines of this massive retaining wall rather well? Don't think the line would be thought of so naturally if a similar wall would be built these days, do you? (Let's face it, it'd be knocked up fast out of breeze blocks or something, or just poured concrete with a sloped top).

Anyway - progress is now being made... more in a mo from Clare!