The s62011 sock-knitting KAL!

A process has been going on on Ravelry in the Morris and Sons SnB group (which I used to attend) to decide a group personal sock club for 2011. A personal sock club is one wear you put aside sock yarn and patterns at the start of the year and then pick a bag at random at appointed dates and knit x no of socks over the year.
As a group club, this is a bit different - there's been voting, with various patterns frontrunners then dropping out, and the final list is:

Jan/Feb Shur’tugal Start 1 January Due 28 February
Mar/April Nutkin Start 1 March Due 30 April
May/Jun Leyburns Start 1 May Due 30 June
Jul/Aug Fox Faces Socks Start 1 July Due 21 August I'm NOT doing these!
Sep/Oct Nanner Start 1 September Due 31 October
Nov/Dec Boyfriend Socks Start 1 November Due 31 December for Clare

I may do Slant instead of Fox Faces, if so I'll use my Knittery 'Bloody Mary' yarn, I think. Or I could do Skew with my Hundertwasser Opal yarn. However, I may only do 2 or 3 of the socks over the year anyway, we'll see.

The important thing about this sock club, is to use yarn that you've already got - and I'm trying to use some of my Aussie-related yarns, too. 

Mine are (front to back) Knitabulous Salwar Kameez (courtesy of Lyns) for Shur’tagal, Sundara Candied Chrome (given to me by Lara for Nanner, The Knittery Earth (also an Aussie yarn)for Leyburn, then Yarn Yard Cairn in ? colourway for nutkin, of course and Koigu Kpppm for the boyfriend socks - for my girlfriend!

yarns for s62011 a