I've finished the Bellefleur (Mystery hat A KAL from Woolly Wormhead)! Enjoyable knit, I used yarn I bought in Stirling from Shilasdair - luxury 4ply (I think). Slightly worried I may be reacting to it, but shall not give in to such bodily weakness.
hat close
hat detail
Clare doesn't like it (she doesn't like any beret/slouchy hats though, so fairly meaningless here). I'm pleased with the fit which is a smallish beret. Great colour, loved the cables coming from the ribbing all the way through, and enjoyed learning the 'alternate cable cast-on'.

I have also finished my sparkly stole, wore it to C's sister's wedding where it went down well. The yarn is Sea Wool by Fleece Artist in Angel Fish - lovely to knit with.
I took advantage of a cold snowy day here to take many many many many pics. Apologies!
stole draped
stole on ladder
pattern detail
Here you can see the end of our house - bedroom window and MUCH scaffolding still!
scaffold stole
The danglers here are swarovski crystals and the beads are just clear with silvered insides. The crystals are more sparkly and multicoloured in that sparkle than this shows.
stole bead detail
This is my innovation - not shown particularly well her. I knitted up the side portion and grafted to the other half of the stole, did the same on the other side, then I knitted across the middle of the stole picking up on either side.
stole join

scaffold stole close
Anyway, there I am! Now to continue with the robot tank, the space girl sweater, little birds etc etc etc.