A quick blog post from blighty.

We've been 'home' (more of that!) since 21st February, and yet - I haven't posted here. Sorry! It's been a long 7 weeks or so, with lots of catching up with people (and sleeping on their floors) and house hassle. We're in a nice little two up two down terrace in an area of Nottingham called Sherwood, chosen for it's lovely traditional butcher's shop, and the greengrocers, and the Textile Workshop, all just round the corner. The house is unfurnished, so we have more of our own stuff than we did in Sydney, but it still feels only approximate to being a home.

Anyway - I'm knitting like a dervish (do they knit or only spin?) Have just completed a pair of Mamluke socks from the same Nancy Bush Folk Socks book as Lyn is enjoying back in Redfern. Mine a re long-promised 40th birthday presents for Kate, and have been a speedy knit due to the 5ply yarn and 2.75mm dpns (I usually use 2.25mm for socks), as well as the stranded pattern - I kept having to get to the end of a shape in the pattern.mamluke sock 1

An easy knit, but fun, and a good break after the dratted hemp jacket (also a 40th present, this time for my brother, and completed almost on time, though needs a zip and grafting the underarms. I'm yet to see if he ever wears it!) Here's a bit of a pic from early in the knit:

JKD sleeve 1 with yarn

I had a fun trip to the Colinette millshop in Powys, Wales - Miss Fee, you'd have loved it!
Anyway, I shall stop now - I'd better keep things low and cool so I don't wear myself out, don't you think?
(Listening to Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side in a pub on a Wednesday lunchtime before going home to do some dyeing).