Trying to keep up

Just a quick post - today I had another lovely meet-up with Cath, a pleasure caused by my leaving-behind of Clare's bag of dragon-boating clothes on Saturday (when I got home from the Central Coast after midnight), and a Waterloo Junction arrangement.
It was very hot (39*C in Hornsby, where we met, and apparently only 33 in Sydney, though it felt very much hotter in the un-airconditioned train from Hornsby south, and waiting on platforms). Fortunately, Cath knew of a tea shop inside the massive COOL shopping centre; I usually do not like such things, but today any chance of cool was welcome - though even this air-conditioned leviathon of a Westfield was pretty warm today as we sweated over our iced tea and knitted.
We've hatched a plan to encourage each other to be outward-looking and creative that I feel very positive about. Thanks, Cath.

I got back to Newtown eventually, to ok Han's bag desig at crumpler (Han, they've done the main sewing and it looks BRILLIANT! Very pleased, and hope you will be too) and to try to get braces for Clare. Retro Spec'd had a notice on the door saying 'back at 4.30'. They lied - I hung around sweating in an internet caff and returned at that time; waited 40 minutes and then gave up. Pretty irked!

Anyway - here I am writing again so soon. Don't hurt your neck from the whiplash when you fall, Sally!