A swan is coming!

So, when I stayed with Brenda a couple of weeks ago, she taught me to spin on a drop spindle. She has been determined over the last times we have met that I should try spinning, and I do long to make that barber-pole type stuff (like pigeonroof studios does so well) that I have lusted after since getting the Twisted Sisters' sock book.

Anyway, I was pretty rubbish, but it was fun, and I made yarn! Brenda says to get some BFL, and I plan to (form Fyberspates, I expect) as it is nice and long stapled too, so fairly easy to start off with. She also said I should get a
Grafton Fibers spindle as they are wonderful! Who am I to argue....

I googled a bit, and found them available from
Threadbear Fiberarts Studio, a place I've heard about on lots of blogs over the last few years - and would love to visit. Bit of a long way for just a spindle. But wait! I was involved in Domesticraft's Knitterly Letter Swap way back in March of this year, and have been keeping in touch with Barb with great pleaseure ever since (she's fed my desire for Diego Rivera mural pics, among other things). And Barb was waxing lyrical about Threadbear Fiberarts Studio. And said - 'do ask if you want me to get you anything'. So I did! I asked for a Swan/ Mala spindle, for her to decide.

And she's chosen a Swan, and it's bought and posted!

(And Barb will get some KSH from here in exchange, for the Modern Quilt wrap. Perfect all round!)

Clarey poi2
Thought this pic of C doing fire poi waas appropriate for discussion of spinning!