Secret of Chrysopolis clue 1 (and a bit)

Here's my progress so far. I was hoping to get pics of the progress of all my team, but haven't quite got round to it. Will try in the future (that's Mum with Malabrigo burgundy - actually a reddy brown; Shelley with Azul Bolita - an intense blue like blue glass; and Nanny with a blue green, can't remember which). I gather progress is rather varied - as is experience; Shelley has done lace before, and Mum's been doing quite a lot of knititng recently; I think Nanny's progress is the steepest.
Secret of Chrysopolis Clue 1 complete

I realised that I'd used ~ 75g by the time I'd done 116 rows; I've got 4 skeins, 50g each, and there are 8 clues of ~ 90 rows each. I've ordered 2 more skeins in a delayed security anxiety! (Better check with the others). I think my stole will be huge, as the original using 4 skeins should be 2 metres long! However, I'm with Anne, of Knitspot, who likes a stole she can put round her shoulders and over her legs when she's chilling in the evenings. So I don't really mind.

Secret of Chrysopolis Clue 1 complete detail