Secret of Chrysopolis swatch

I'm just not up there with cool names for my posts, am I? Anyway, here's the swatch, on 3.5 mm needles as suggested, using Malabrigo laceweight in Verde Adriana colour 117.

I've measured it (vaguely!). It's supposed to be 10cm for 3 repeats wide (it's 13cm) and 10cm for 5 repeats tall (it's 9cm for 3 repeats). Do I care? I think the stocking stitch areas may be a bit too open, so I might swap to 3.25mm without further swatching; we'll see how it looks and feels when dry. I might see what Brenda reckons when she comes to stay.

The colour is more accurate in the brighter, unblocked shot, and the stripes are a little less obvious in the flesh, as it were. They'll change with a larger stole, anyway - this is only 29 stitches wide!

secret of chrysopolis swatch

secret of chrysopolis swatch blocking

Other than this, I've been a bit stuck with my knitting. I didn't do any while I was in Wales last week, too busy, and too much wet paint and small sticky kids. I have planty on the go, though I am keen to start on something with the lovely speckled Koigu P70726 sent by Selma. I need to go to work, so no pics of that now. I'm thinking about Pomatomus, I think that would show off the beautiful deep speckles floating in the muted background rather well. (See Wanderlustlost's version, if you're in Ravelry). On the other hand, I had also thought of this for some bamboo sock yarn I have. Hmmmmmm.