Mysterious Swan Lake unveiled

swan lake stole draped side closer Here are a few pics of my MS3, completed. Mine is a less-delicate version than many I've seen, with my relatively-sturdy, lofty Shetland laceweight, which means it is warm. no beads for me, as I thought they'd irritate and not go with my yarn, and I'm pleased about that decision too. Looks way better on the boady than on the floor! Quite balanced, whereas near the end of knititng the wing I was rather hating the abrupt transition between the straight part of the stole and the wing.
Looking forward to my next lace project!

swan lake stole draped side closestHereswan lake stole draped back

swan lake stole draped front The feathers blocking and draped...
swan lake stole draped wingswan lake stole blocking feathers