Goodbye, Little Orange

Oh, how I miss thee....... JKD's car was written off last week (as in - small accident - insurance company giving him a little money instead of mending it). We had discussed him maybe buying the car in January, as they have a GIANT people carrier (from S's work) and he wanted something with less of a footprint for him too-ing and fro-ing to work. C and I chatted - and we think we'll be able to cope with just one car. She'll have to commute sometimes by bike (14 miles) and we'll have to do complex swaps when I need it for work and she needs it to get to niights etc, but we'll have NO car in Oz - so good practice.

Every so often I just think - Orange doesn't live here any more. I've had it for 7 years (practically almost) - having bought it new in the first week of one of the first 5 Smart car garages opening in the UK. it is left hand drive,a s at that time there were no factory-made right hand drives. This was great for getting out straight onto the pavement on busy roads when visiting patients.

Oh well, sniff, at least Orange is still in the family!