Garden sculpture and a mystery contimues.

Friends have given us a sculpture for our garden - belated, for our birthdays (March and April, since you ask!). They came round in overalls and made us not look out the back window till they had placed all the parts. Lovely!
Anyway, I felt this - along with the hand-hewn bench, made by one of the same friends - made a great MS3 backdrop/vehicle.


I think this unblocked pic really looks like a snake. It'll be totally different when I block it with my lovely new dressing wires from Heirloom Knitting (who couldn't have been faster or more helpful, by the way). I'm still loving it, and zipping along. Have checked out the local bead shop for seed beads for if I repeat MS3, too.

p.s. Word is that Getknitted will have stuff from Knitpicks imminently.

p.p.s. Melanie is getting more and more mysterious about clue five - not due out till next Friday.

p.p.s. Did I say I won a reduction on some yarn from Jen of Fybrespates? I chose the chocolate toffee in laceweight silk, and I think if Anne's Bee Fields rectangular stole is as successful as her triangular shawl of the same name, I might well use if for that. it is rather like a dark honey!