Fiesta Feet

So, these are the other socks I'm in the throws of - but now trying to get Mum's lilac socks done first. These may go skiing with me - good to have something small but complicated. Not sure I'll be able to knit on the plane - Gatwick say 'pens, biros, refills ok' but in not allowed is anything with a sharp point. So I probably won't risk it.

This is a Lucy Neatby pattern, which has an unusual design. you start with striped garter stitch strip, to fit comfortably but snuggly around your ankle, graft it together and pick up and knit form one side. The length of your garter strip decides the stitch count, so you could use any yarn. This is the other side, shows my wholly inadequate grafting (all came apart - so I had to more or less sew it together!)

I am using a Cherry Tree Hill multi (from I Knit London) and Opal Uni brown (from Getknitted). Seems to be working well. I usually really dislike lacy, knobbly socks - but I like these!