Cloud Bolero

So, I found the new Yarn Forward magazine website (and have subscribed) and the free pattern was Ysolda's Cloud Bolero, which she had done in Rowan Polar (some of which I had) and the magazine had done in Hipknits Aran cashmere. I wasn't feeling any of the polar colours I have, so I burrowed and found all this gorgeous (and very expensive) yarn C bought me for Christmas 2004 to make a coat - I still will, part way through, and Voddy has helped with a muslin pattern). The yarn was bought in Di Gilpin's shop in St Andrews, and is handspun on the islands (?Skye).

BUT some of the yarn was much more suited to this pattern. I had a big skein of a ply each of silk and baby alpaca in raspberryand a smaller skein of 2 plies of baby alpaca in a blackberry (and the colours in these details are pretty close to the true colours, whereas the ones of the whole garment are a bit too red/pink).

The pattern was very straightforward. I made the extra small, because I have small shoulders and upper arms, and also because I think I must knit loosely! I did do a gauge swatch, and got bang on gauge, but I didn't wash and block it (not sure how much yarn I had...) and I haven't yet blocked the garment (don't want to take it off).

I think you get a good idea of the bolero in these pics. Hope you like them!

Fruity Cashmere hearts:

I have been thinking more about the cashmere stole, too, and considering how to do the pattern. I think I shall chart it (using Knit visualiser? I'd have to buy it first!) and see how I can fiddle with it to maybe get a wavy edge and to point up the hearts more.