Hereis the pic of the cashmere I have bought form colourmartuk on ebay. It's a150g cone, approx 1,150 yards "4ply weight" single soft twist yarn. I believe it will come oiled and tight like it looks on the cone(oiled for industrial knitting), but should bloom and soften at first washing, as in the skein above. Can't wait for it to arrive!

The suggestion is to use 3.75-4.5mm needles with it for lace. i'll try to force myself to swatch at least with 4mm and 4.5mm to see which I like better, though if only one is easily available (read: out of other knitting) I'll probably just chuck myself into it willy-nilly. It doesn't have to fit, so obsessive guage totally unnecessary!

As for the niece - think I'll go more open mesh with sparkles for her! (Quick and easy).