Angelica pics

So, you know I finished Angelica, as I'm pretty sure I showed a picture of my sorry self 'morning after' in the rain at Arumdo (fab burlesquey festival; here are some crappy detail shots - once more a bit knackered after a great party last night in Newcastle at my cousins. The one on the left shows the shape. i modified it by lengthening it - when I had completed the pattern itcame to about the top of my jeans - not a good look for my relatively apple-shaped self; so, I had a shufty through Barbara Walker's pattern books (bought a month or so ago enmasse from Schoolhouse press for about £70 but NO charge by customs - maybe because they wrote 'educational books' on the manifest - true, too!) and added a lace pattern that was easily bodged into the stitch count.

I knitted the sleeves in the round as I don't much like seaming, and repeated the lace pattern but narrower and shorter around the sleeves. Love it! It does grow rather,a nd ends up off the shoulder - even since I added 6 rows alternating reverse and straight stocking stich with a tightish cast-off all around the neck.

Lots of colour came out when I washed this after the festival!