Fashioning and Re-fashioning

So at last I delved into the pile of fabric under my table and decided to do something with it, partially due to the overwhelming need of pink bag (surely everyone NEEDS a pink bag) and partially because after a visit to the shops where I cursed the fact I've signed up to Wardrobe Re-fashion ( I realised the only way to get over it was to get on with it and re-fashion something.

Here is the pink bag - perfect for carrying the essentials for a little festival Ginny, C and I are off to and handy because I can either wear it across my body OR tie it up (as in the photo) and pop it over my shoulder. No pics of it across the body i'm afraid - Might have to get Ginny to take some pics of me wearing it at the festival to prove that it actually does work.

And for my second little number here is the slightly random shirt/t-shirt combination I constructed. I thought it might make a nice pressie for C however having tried it on I may have to make one for myself too - essentially I hacked up a shirt (£3 from Primark ) and an old t-shirt having seen something similar that I loved in a fab but expensive shop and sewed it all together in a slightly bodged manner popping the collar over the tshirt and popping the sleeves and shirt tails under.

The slightly strange bulking on the arms is actually a "design feature" whereby you can niftily button the sleeves up onto themselves to make it short sleeved - looks rather odd on the dressmakers dummy but I'm hoping on C it will look a bit better.