Some second hand scores

First, of course I did make another change to the bamboo red - I did 2 extra lace repeats to make it long enough.
Anyway, here is a 1940s/50s dress I bought in Bizarre, a little second hand clothes shop near where I live. I love it! And found these earrings I have go perfectly.

I also bought this rather beautiful light, unlined silk jacket in the same shop - it is like a faded silk rug in the colours and pattern. Not sure how I'll wear it - perhaps split the side seems up a bit and then do repeat rows of fine stitching along the bottom hem, as there is along the front hems, the wrists and the neck. What do you think, Voddy?

This next I've had for a while, but have cannibalised the buttons (large and white, and positioned just inside the large white border). it's very 60s, and reminds me of my grandmother, my Mutti, who I loved very much. She had all sorts of dresses of this ilk.

The last is a fabulous silk lined (in voile) coat - a little big, the shape doesn't suit - needs refashing. I shall ask Voddy's advice again. C was surprisingly smitten by this silk pattern! Bought on the same day as the first 2 above at a small vintag clothes fair nearby.