Some new FOs

So, here are a couple of completed knitting projects that I don't think I've blogged about yet -one a success, but the first decidedly NOT. A problem of heavy cotton yarn, and the flaws of guage swatches. I did swatch, however, in the knitting I found I had to keep going for smaller and smaller needles as I went up the garment - no I didn't frog, and no I didn't go small enough!

You can see the flaws most clearly on the right, but even the left picture doesn't disguise them very successfully.

This is the bamboo Lotus Blossom Tank from the cover of IK Summer 2006 (oh, the poor specimen above is the Brioche bodice in Colinette wigwam from the same issue - wigwam is a long tube of tee-shirt fabric). I used 3 balls of SWTC bamboo in Fiery red it's a bit deeper than this looks in real life. I loved knitting it, very easy to keep on track, and the only adjustments i made were after thesewing up - I filled in the corners of the front with short rows when I was knitting around the neck to a) stop the front sagging and curling out, and b) make it wearable in terms of bras! It's cool and comfortable - I wore it at the Woolfest, and had lost fo compliments.

You can see how hot it has been here - our lawn is totally dry and brown, doesn't happen most summers as we have quite a bit of shade (and usually lots of rain!)

Thanks for photography go to a very tired C, grabbed immediately she got off her bike after a night shift on the Paediatric ICU - love you!