Brilliant concert last night!

We saw the Society of Strange and Ancient instruments perform Soundhouse at the National Waterfront Museum as part of the Swansea International Festival - inspired by Francis Bacon and a wonderful combination of ancient music, new music, ancient instruments and modern recording and playing with sound, and words. *Really* worth a listen and to see them if you have the chance!


this is a trumpet marine (it has one playing string made of something like 80 twisted strands, and up to 48 inner resonating strings. It is bowed and has a vibrating bridge so makes a sound somewhat like a trumpet - apparently used by nuns as women did not use wind instruments!)


and this is a Nyckelharpa (a bowed keyed fiddle, with twelve under strings which are sympathetically resonant).


And the view when we got home after the concert! You can see the Mumbles lighthouse even though the moon was so full it made the world not dark!