Painting and Christmas

So since the last post we had a week off, during which I imagined we would get downstairs painted - I obviously need a reality check - but we did get the spare room and both bathrooms done, ready for all our guests for christmas - but it was hard, slow work, especially the ceilings
clare's legsclare paints shower
But the finished results are worth it;
painted spare roomshower paintedpainted girl and painted bathroom 2
We also got a bit more organised with all the visitors coming - and emptied all the book boxes onto bookshelves, and treated and uncovered the fantastic stairs.
more treated stairstreated stairs

Christmas was great - we had a house-full, kept warm easily, and had a needle-less christmas tree making clearing up much easier!
xmas tree 2

Now the builders are back, finishing the wooden gable end, and hopefully also doing the roof tiling around the windows, modification to the outside of the MVHR so we can change the filter, rendering to the downstairs windows, the final bit of plastering internally, and sealing around the joists between the floors to help sort out the air-tightness better.....
Now really looking forward to getting rid of the builders so that we can sort out the sheds and get rid of the porta loo! Obviously things have been a bit delayed because of the cold and ice - although we kept warm mostly (!) we did have one casualty the pipes to the sheds froze and have all burst, so we will have to get that replumbed, but no point until we get rid of the builders, work out where we want the washing machine etc, and then we can get it all plumbed together. The burst pipe probably accounts for a rather entertainingly shaped icicle I found in our garage. I will leave you with the icicle image, and post more after I have recovered from a cold, and we have had most of a week of next week to do more painting, with our new platform ladder from George and Sue.
Happy New Year
suggestive icicle