We're in! (And slow to post).

We had the stuff that had been in storage delivered on 22nd Sept, but moved in ourselves on that Friday - moments before my brother and his family arrived for the kids birthday weekend!
Here's an idea of what they found - just a little chaos.
study chaos 2study chaos
sitting/dining chaos
Clare doing the hostly thing:first guests
D'you think they had fun?first guests 1
Actually, I think they did - we took the kids to Stomp which was fantastic (though just a bit long for Ben) and then they ran about through the fountains in market square. Childhood bliss! (Alice really seemed to like her neck-warmer I'd double-knitted for her - may have a pic somewhere...).
A little detail of wool getting put away...yarn!

Anyway, things are moving on with the unpacking - here are a few pics of upstairs.
The study (Clare's desk on the left all tidy, yarn store to the right)clare's desk and wool store
and my desk on the other side (chaos of course)my deska nd shelves

And the rest of the upstairs - going in a circle from the kitchen kitchen getting there 2
more kitchen kitchen getting there

sitting area sitting area

and the dining area dining area.

More photos to come from downstairs and outside - Clare's been sorting out her bike and tool store. Hope to get those up soon!