Our week off

We've both had most of the week off (I worked Friday, but that's all) as we had previously hoped to be moving in this week. Instead, it's been a productive week in other ways (including seeing Toy Story, The Girl Who Played with Fire and Scott Pilgrim and the Evil Exs and chilling together).

Our oven has arrived, we are waiting for the extraction hood, and the other kitchen unit is confirmed for mid-September (we need to order the hob to go in it).

We've painted the stairs (really this is more workshop p*rn for you, Tony!)
painting stairsstairs painted

The rooflet has fallen off the door to the road, happily missing Darren who just moments before walked under it!
rooflet off

Most of the ducting is in (and the MVHR due to arrive this week...).
ductingbedroom ceiling
We've got kitchen windows kitchen windows
A sliding door onto the (imaginary) balcony
balcony window
and a lovely over-stair opening window we will never be able to reach!
overstairs window

The two little windows in the south wall upstairs are rather darker than we expected, but we like them.
coloured windows

And the floating engineered oak floor is partly down upstairs. Looks lovely!

We've done some sample paint squares upstairs too, deciding between white and fresh air (a bit cooler). We've ordered the Treatex Hard Wax oil for the floor (spruce ie white half/half with plain).

And we've handed in our notice for the end of September and arranged for our stuff to arrive from storage on 22nd Sept. We should be in for Alice and Ben's birthday visit! (Though chaos will certainly still reign).