back again

We're rather knackered, so here are some pics of the current progress (getting exciting, but don't mention the windows.... delay in ordering partly at this end and partly at the shop end mean ho hum in terms of completion date).
Here's Clare where the upstairs loo will be clare on loo

Kitchen windows:kitche windows

The upstairs ceiling insulated, airtighted and the service void being created ceiling

The rooflight all insulated insulated rooflight

The beginnings of walls upstairs - by the future stairs, and that loo again walls upstairs

Proper obsessive insulation of the gaps between upstairs and down insulating the borders

They've drawn out our future lovely curved bathroom wall on the floor bathroom walls drawn

There's a door into the shower room showerroom door

The gable end will have oak cladding; hurray those horrible aerials have gone, you can see the future little square window gable end

And finally some visitors... I survey the garden with Amy Em+Am
and H+H contemplate the build H+H

We plan to be more coherent next week with our update!