Progress, windows

So - a quick clarifying site meeting today; one of the big south windows in what will be our bedroom has been opened up (it's about 2metres tall now!)

Here's a detail (iphone, I'm afraid)detail of new window We'll be re-using the lintels (there are 3 very heavy concrete ones) and replacing the bricks up the sides with blue engineering bricks, and the same (soldier style) in front of the lintel.

This pic shows how much taller the windows will be than they currently are - not quite twice as window, old window

(Here's the windows in the old room - before the false ceiling was removed windows to garden and here's the window from the inside with no ceiling , with the floor where it will be and giving you an idea of how tall the window will seem in our room!plan for new windows

The inside upstairs showing the small square that will hold the southeast window upstaors new southeast window and the southwest window space Upstairs new southwest window.

The blue is EXPENSIVE airtightness tape and the boarding it is on is a fancy one with one side tarry and one just boarding.

Gil is very impressed with the quality of the work, which is of course very encouraging. Exciting!

The scaffolding is up next week, so the remedial roof work and skylights then windows will be getting going.