Actual plans

We realise that we've been telling all about our proposals without showing our plans - which really might help!Throughout, the north end is the roadside, the south end has the steeply sloping garden, the east has the courtyard.

First up, a plan drawing of the existing groundfloor. The south room was the sitting room, the north was the Sindy/Marie Antoinette bedroom.
002 EXISTING - Ground Floor Plan

Secondly, the existing upstairs - similarly, the south room was another sitting area and the north a bedroom, with a bathroom and small study on the east side.
003 EXISTING - First Floor Plan

Next we have Gil's proposals for the ground floor - our bedroom is the south room, the spare room (and cello area!) the north room.
102 PROPOSED - Ground Floor Plan

And here are the proposals for upstairs, with the study/knititng/spinning room to the north (could also be a bedroom) and the stove at the end of the kitchen run by the sliding balcony doors. (the balcony itself being imaginary for some time!)
103 PROPOSED - First Floor Plan-1

Lastly, some impressions of how the upstairs will look once we're in. (Obviously, less tidy, and with more colour!)
106 PROPOSED - Interior perspectives-1

To emphasise the "more colour" - here are a few little pics of the kitchen. As we've said before, we've bought some reconditioned English Rose units from Source Antiques in Bath. These are 1950s kitchen units made by the old Spitfire factories, and now polished and powder-coated to our specifications. Beautiful! (But not subtle).
Double sink unit:dibdin sink1dibdin sink2
Under-worktop trolley: dibdin trolly1dibdin trolly2
And a drinks dresser!: dibdin dresser1dibdin dresser2