Six Shed Sheilas

So eventually my parents got to see our house a few weeks ago, having been in Australia when we bought it, and then busy with moving cities, christmas etc. I think they were interested and excited by the place and our plans - however - what impressed them most (Dad especially) were the number of 'sheds' we have!? This is partly due to envy - they have no sheds currently (renting like us) and partly cause we do have a lot of sheds:
Shed 1shed 1
Shed 2shed 2
Sheds 2, 3 & 4 (3 is back right)sheds 2 3 4
Shed 4shed 4
Shed 5shed 5 a
And shed 6shed 6

For those of you that are interested - we are not going to keep all the sheds. The shed schedule of works is: shed 1 to go and become a seating area but to be recycled to a cold frame in the garden, and a woodstore in the swimming pool; shed 6 to move to swimming pool (possibly a replacement rather than the original) for tools; shed 2 to remain with change of use to bicycle shed (smoking and snogging after discussion with the management); shed 3 also applying for change of use to become wine cellar / utility room; shed 4 to go in order to enable sunbathing (naked optional); shed 5 has jumped the gun and already successfully changed use to a woodshed. Clear?!