A post from Norway

This is going to be just writing as I can't seem to add pics from my iPad today.

This finds me sitting in a bar in Norway surrounded by my lovely C, Mum, and my bro his wife and two kids, fire blazing, people milling around because unusually its warm and the snow is melting! We've had a lovely time the last few days skiing, and have loved the views and the place we're staying.

Mum is knitting a scarf with the pattern from Aberlady (from the Alice Starmore book) out of Triskelion Lleu in Aqua; everyone is together and pottering, and I am reading the TinCanKnits blog on A Year Of Making by Emily Wessell. Makes me want to do that!

So - in this my 50th birthday year I shall try to record making something every day!

Today - relationship with my nepheew, and a little bit of sock knitting!