The lovely MissFee!

The lovely Miss Fee sent me a present! It arrived while we were in Scotland, and though we've been back a week, our neighbour was then away so I've only just received the package. I knew I was getting a Folca box, because when Fee talked about them and I cheekily liked the orange - she said she'd send me one!

Being Fee - she generously sent me two different purple yarns too! How exciting :-)

The circle of varied colour yarn is Margaret Stove laceweight, and the other is Welsh Wool, also a laceweight twoply, slightly heavier than the other.
Missfee pressies 2

I've filled the little boxes within boxes.
Missfee pressies 1

See how neat it is! It opens out, and then folds back in, and safely stores all those lovely little tchotchkes!
folca 3folca 2folca 1