joining in

So having started to seriously get into spinning, and being involved in a couple of combined projects with Emily, I have been invited to join the blog!
This is just to say Hello, and I will see how I manage to be a part of this?!:)

To date I have mostly spindle spun on the 7 spindles I have, making a variety of yarns, a lot of which were samples. I have made the samples into 2 scarves, and am now doing Spintelligence challenges via Ravelry, and have started the monthly challenges on the Spindlers forum to get the skills to spin a host of different types of yarns. I have also sucumbed to the thought of a spinning wheel and am going to try out a few different ones at the end of the week, so we'll see what happens - Emily is coming along as moral support, and because there is fibre and yarn for sale too!