October Update

So some of my friends are doing a daily blogpost in October. I thought I'd do one at least!

I still need to take pics of the Embarrassing KC Haul (TM, and KC rather than the longer version as recognition of the sadness around what was for me a fabulous week).

BUT - I have been knitting!

While at KC I mainly knitted on a Salto sock, in lovely splotchy Koigu KPPPM. Sadly it a) didn't show the pattern well, and b) was too tight to comfortably go over my heel, so I've frogged it.

The other thing I knitted on while there was Cloud Chaser by Indigirl Amy , using some Grace hand-dyed by Louisa Harding. You can see here I've done the back, and just started on the R side. It has long drapy sides and then a collar added on last. I'm alternating skeins - you cna see how stripy that's made it!
cabled waistcoat
My niece and nephew have early autumn birthdays - and we had them to stay the first weekend we were in the new house. Their main birthday present was a trip to Stomp, but I knitted Alice a double-knit cowl with moon and stars, in a blue and a yellow from Posh YArns many years ago that she chose last December. She loved it, and wore it constantly, but I took no pics! Will try to remember to. Ben is VERY into knights, swords etc. I've knit him a helmet - it's Black Prince by Annie Modesitt, a very well-written pattern.
I'm moving on well with Heidi Kirrmaier's Space Girl for Clare. Thanks to Reecie for bringing me an extra two balls of the black yarn from Sydney!

Naturally, I couldn't just stick to what I was already knitting. I saw Norovirus on Rav and loved the name. I happened to have 2 balls of silk garden sock in a colour I thought would work well for Clare. BUT I decided that this pattern wasn't right for her, and the shape was too loose - so I drew some robots with her help and charted them, did a swatch (!!!!!) and started with corrugated rib. Here you go!
robot tank-top
I'm hoping the robots WILL be visible, and will amuse some of C's patients!

And I decided to knit myself a stole to wear to C's sister's wedding in a month. I decided in July, and checked through all my laceweights and sock weights. Found this lovely Sea Wool in Angelfish, bought in a Purlescence sale as part of a sea baby kit. Anyway, PERFECT colours. But not enough - so I ordered 2 more skeins, one came straight away but was much lighter and brighter - I tried alternating skeins, but it wasn't ideal. I'm still waiting for the other skein - should be any day now... The pattern is Iris via P/HOP and I'm using swarovski mega-sparkly danglers for the ends and some plain glass seed beads for the meat of the stole (but only about 1/20th as many as the designer specifies!)
wedding stole
wedding stole detail

I'm starting to get sorted with my yarn store yarn!
and with doors clare's desk and wool store

Lucky sod, aren't I?