New podcast and a measuring

OK, so I've found a new podcast - 'Gives Good Knit'. I really enjoy this one; she's literate, interesting and DOESN'T HAVE AN IRRITATING VOICE! Hur-blooming-ray!

Tika's blog is Largely Unrepeatable, and I like that too. She's challenged herself to knit and spin 12 miles this year - and I thought I'd see what I've done to date (anything finished after 1/1/09 counts):

Mamluke socks - 380 yds
Hemp jacket - 1952yds
Jaali - 1200yds
Cable socks - 360 yds

total 3892 yds

divide by 1760 (that's how many yards in a mile, apparently - who knew? Us UK people of my age at least are confused - think in imperial, but learn metric. Hmmm).

gives 2.21 miles knit so far. Not including the yards in the Nanny Ogg sweater.

I'm not challenging myself here, just intrigued.