Finally Finished this Round...

So, today (that's Wednesday 10th September) I finally finished casting off and weaving in the few ends on my Twisted Float Shrug - it was in the Fall 2005 Vogue Knitting, and I think I started it fairly immediately - according to my Ravelry documentation, in December 2005. So nearly 3 years. I probably did about half - or more - in the last 3 weeks! (Thanks, Clare, for getting me going again on this).

twisted float shrug mosaic
I've used skeins and skeins of Debbie Bliss Maya, sadly discontinued, and bought in various lumps from Getknitted while I was in Birmingham. I do like this yarn, a very intensely kettle-dyed single thick/thin spun in Latin America (can't remember where, sorry). I used a blue/green as the contrast throughout (thanks so much, Maria, I used EVERY LAST INCH of those skeins you gave me... those last rounds just ate up the metreage), and changed the main colour every pattern repeat. I think it worked well, for me - I like colourful clothes!
Twisted Float Shrug side
I pinned it out on my lovely Cocoknits Knitter's Block, and steamed it (on low heat) through the wet cloths that come with the kit. It's now drapey and lovely. 
Twisted Float Shrug blocking
Not sure when I'll manage to upload pics of it - I've taken one of it blocking, and shall get C to take some of me wearing it over the next few days. Very pleased!

Twisted Float Shrug pinned and arty

(Like the Seahorse brooch? A Perl Grey beauty from Robynn at Purlescence).

And on that colourful note, I'm off to module 2 of the C+G course. Wish me luck - or rather, wish me a dearth of procrastination!