Back from Glasgow, Sydney Craft Show

So, we had an interesting 10 days or so seeing family etc, and checking out Glasgow (it's lovely). Would you have bet that this pic was right in the West End of the 3rd largest (depending how you count it) city in the UK?river kelvin, glasgow
Taken from the bridge over the Kelvin, looking away from the Botanical Gardens, and near the lovely, lovely K1 Yarns Knitting Boutique. Where I may have dropped a few quid - couldn't help it, Katharine was so very lovely, and she had so much wonderful stuff, so beautifully arranged! 
I managed to only buy one ball of Kureyon in a colourwaylatest kureyonI haven't seen before (for the snoozing Lizard Ridge), and a cone of Habu Copper A-160 1/21, or undyed laceweight bamboo spirally wrapped in fine copper wire. That's the opposite of the Habu stainless steel and wool/silk yarns, where the metal is wrapped in the fibre, and it results in a fine shell-pink yarn, which Katharine and I posited might turn green with wear and moisture (verdigris). 
The cone:
Habu copper-boo
And further detail:
Habu copper-boo detail
I think I might hold it with the Alchemy Silken Straw in Spruce I bought from Prudence Mappstone's stall at the Sydney Craft Show and make a slightly sculptural Ice Queen.
Alchemy Silken Straw Spruce
I also bought 2 skeins of Jitterbug - it's the new put-up, more length for your 100g. I got Velvet OliveJitterbug velvet olive(more sprucey, if you ask me) and Ginger CinnabarJitterbu ginger cinnabar(deeper colour in the flesh).

The KGNSW stall went brilliantly, thanks largely to the work of Veronica! Here she is, pointing something out to Bex.

nsw knitter's guild stall
I had fun, much better than the Easter Show!